We follow the standard ISO 15919, except that we use the raised circle ° instead of colon : to mark vowel hiatus, and extend this convention to transliterate all independent vowel signs as °V. Also, we used the median dot · to mark virāma, which in this corpus hardly ever takes the form of an explicit stroke, but rather is implied by the akṣara to be read without inherent a being written at reduced size and in lowered position. Thus, means an akṣara <ma> written at reduced size and in lowered position, and to be read without inherent vowel.

Editorial symbols

[ ] reading would be uncertain if element occurred in isolation (whether due to damage or not)
( ) editorial restoration of lost text
⟨ ⟩ editorial addition of omitted text
⟪ ⟫ scribal insertion
{ } editorial deletion of redundant text
{{ }} scribal deletion
. lost part of an akṣara
. . . indeterminate number of akṣaras missing
? illegible akṣara
+ lost akṣara
/// textual loss at left or right edge of support
punctuation space
punctuation dot
ring hole
interruption in line due to material defect in support