Conch-shell; h. 10 ×  w. 20 ×  d. 11 cm. Symbols of eight-spoked cakra on pillar, and axe with banner on pillar, raised side by side on a rectangular pedestal, are engraved beside the inscription.
Middle Indo-Aryan, Southern Brāhmī script. h. 4.5 ×  w. 10 cm .
Nagarjunakonda, Site-29.
Reported to have been found in a temple complex with three shrine chambers, in the northeastern corner of the valley (i.e., Site-29) in IAR 1958-59: 8 . Identified at Nagarjunakonda Museum (arts & crafts reg. 195) in February 2016.
Visual Documentation
  • photos EIAD 2016
  • Photo(s) of estampage(s):
  • IAR 1958-59, pl. V (B), Sarma, fig. 3, Srinivasan & Sankaranarayanan, Raghunath, Soundara RajanAll publications reproduce the same plate.
  • Editors
    Arlo Griffiths and Vincent Tournier, with contributions by Stefan Baums and Ingo Strauch.
    Publication history
    First edited in IAR 1958-59: 8 . Re-edited here after autopsy of the object.
    (1) bhagavato °aṭhabujasāmisa

    (1) bhagavato °aṭhabujasāmisa
    <ab xmlns="">
    					          <lb n="1"/>
    					          <w xml:id="tok1311">bhagavato</w>
    					          <w xml:id="tok1312">°aṭhabujasāmisa</w>
    Of Lord Aṣṭabhujasvāmin.